Vavada Affiliate Program: registration in Vavada AP

CPA up to $300 Revshare up to 60%

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Appointed Manager

After signing a cooperation agreement with the casino, you will be assigned a personal manager. This manager will be your main contact for all partnership-related inquiries. Communication with the manager occurs through Telegram, where you can receive answers to any questions you may have.

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Unique Offers

Any casino client can become a partner. To do so, you need to contact your manager, who will help discuss and clarify the terms of partnership, and familiarize you with your traffic acquisition methods.

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Special Conditions for Each Partner

Vavada Casino strives to tailor offers to the needs of each partner individually. The size of payouts and terms of cooperation are determined based on an analysis of your traffic channels, preferred cooperation models, and the expected volume of attracted visitors.


Operating in the online gambling industry can open up opportunities for profit, especially if you collaborate with authoritative and respected establishments like Vavada casino. Established in 2017, the club has earned a clean reputation, thanks to its extensive entertainment catalog, quick full withdrawals, content available in 16 languages, and competent technical support for both gamblers and partners. The affiliate program is equally attractive and transparent, designed to offer lucrative earnings for those looking to monetize their hobby...
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Payments 2 times a month

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Generous program

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Help in optimizing your offers

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When was the Vavada club founded?

The Vavada club was founded in 2017.

What percentage of revenue is offered to partners by default in the Vavada affiliate program?

The Vavada affiliate program offers partners a default revenue percentage of 50%.

What are the two main cooperation models offered by Vavada to its partners?

Vavada offers two main cooperation models: RevShare and CPA.

What countries are prohibited for traffic to Vavada Casino?

Traffic from the USA, United Kingdom, Georgia, Netherlands, Aruba, Bonaire, St. Eustatius, Saba, St. Maarten, Portugal, Germany, Slovakia, and France is not accepted at Vavada Casino.

What steps are necessary to participate in the Vavada affiliate program?

To participate, you need to contact the manager via Telegram, present your traffic sources, and register on the site, creating an account and agreeing to the casino's rules.

What tools and support are provided to Vavada partners?

Partners are provided with advertising materials, individual assistance in developing advertising specifications, banners, and texts, as well as access to the partner panel for tracking key indicators.

What traffic acquisition methods are permissible for the Vavada affiliate program, and which are strictly prohibited?

For the Vavada affiliate program, permissible methods include themed websites, social media, YouTube and Telegram channels, streaming services, and online advertising. Strictly prohibited are spam, false or unreliable advertising, offline advertising, branded traffic (except for SEO specialists), and motivated traffic.
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